Vancouver_Buildings_BW_Night_Moon_1920x1200FIRE AND SMOKE LOVE SPELL

The best time to do this Spell…well is now…at the time of the New Moon as it begins to turn into a Full Moon just as the Moon’s light starts to peek out from between Planet Earth and the Sun


You will need 1 sheet of white parchment paper

Love Draw Incense: mix together 2tbs of each
lavender buds
orris root powder

To this mix add
6 drops rose oil
1 drop cherry oil

And a Censer to burn the incense or you can use a metal bowl or plate


1 red candle
1 green candle

3 pieces of charcoal

First draw on the parchment paper the symbols for Venus and for Mars

Place the parchment paper on your Altar or your work area/table

Place the green candle on the Venus symbol and the red candle on the Mars symbol

Light the Charcoal in the Censer let them get hot when they begin to glow sprinkle the Love Draw Incense on it a littlt bit at a time

While all this is going on keep your thoughts on your Love

The Planet of Love mine lips to kiss
Rise into ether gather in mist
Return to Earth my Love import
A passion so great to flame his/her heart

Light the green candle Lady of Love I appeal to thee

Light the red candle Lord of Lust bring him/her to me

Your thoughts strong on the Love you want

A will that needs a Love so right

That passion that burns to an ache in ones heart

Our Souls to join as love doth startPentagram-1The Incense smoke will carry the message to the one you desire filling them with love for only you

Allow the Incense and Candles to burn themselves out…❤

*This Incense mix can be burned at anytime that you feel your love needs a boost or burn it to bring love your way

Just burn the Incense mix for 9 straight nights never missing a night in between or the spell will be broken

You will then have to start over after a clearing of 9 days then you can begin the spell again

…and always keep your mind your thoughts on your desired love… ❤


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