Nature_evening_branches_1920x1200They come without form on a very real level of existence and can affect our lives with creating tension ~ arguments ~ strain relationships ~ ruin a good thing ~ stress ~ poor business ~ illness ~ lack of sleep ~ accidents

…and the list can go on and on

Then you begin to live or work in a heavy malignant atmosphere

When you “feel” this coming over you it’s time to immediately rid yourself of this negativity before it attaches itself to you


Before dawn take a branch from any tree

Between 1-3ft long

If you need to make more than one take more branches for each place or for other people who have come to you for help to rid their lives of negative vibes

Next get some very brightly colored flowers with long stems/stalks/vines

Purple flowers Pink Orange Yellow just as long as they are bright in color

Tie these flowers to the tree branch to fashion sort of a broom

Decorate it with bright ribbons or cord

While you are outdoors gathering what you need to make this Charm keep your thoughts on the negativity you need to sweep out from your lifeLovely flowers_1_1Visualize the flowers bringing brightness into your home your life or your place of work

As the shape of the Charm ~ a broom ~ sweeps away the bad vibrations and absorbs the negative and evil that surrounds you

Hang this Charm over a door and make a new and fresh one each month

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    I’ll remember this one for the next time I’m feeling down in the dumps.

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