Elizabeth_Taylor_1772x2274She complained of persistent bad luck that had been lasting for years and years

She felt the inability to gain control of her life especially where love would enter in

Her mind would wander leaving her confused and dazed struggling to remember her lines her next move even forgetting what time it was

If all of this wasn’t enough for anyone person to endure this accompanied her legs and feet to become swollen and hurt badly

It seemed no conventional Doctor had a cure or for that fact even knew what was wrong with her

So she eventually decided to secretly late one night consult with the Village Witch who lived many miles away to ask her to conjure up a Spell to restore her physical health and mental well being

She explained to the Witch that whatever took her over made her stutter when she spoke it made her stagger when she walked

Dear Witch of the Village what is wrong with me?

You my dear have been poisoned through your feet and I shall lay down some tricks to cure you of that poison that is running through your body and your mind

So as they went outdoors for a long walk the Witch grabbed a small dark glass jar as they left her cottage door then the Witch asked her to remove her shoes and walk about in the dirt barefootFootprints_1_1_1I need to capture 9 pinches of your footprints into this jar add to that 2 silver dimes ~ 3 pinches of sea salt and 1 piece of Devil’s Shoe String Root then lid them tightly in the jar

The Witch began her Spell underneath the Moon’s light white candles burning flickering in the wind

She sat quietly under the big Oak tree watching almost in fear not knowing what her outcome would be at times closing her eyes tighly shut and wishing so hard for a cure

Soon it was over…the Witch’s Spell was castPentagram-1The Witch told her to take the 2 silver dimes and put one in each of her shoes everyday for 13 days and to walk upon those dimes to absorb the poison and to keep the small jar of her footprint in the closet near her shoes

She did just that and in a short amount of time and with strong hard belief she was cured and blessed by the Witch

She went alone that night and never spoke of her journey to anyone about her encounter with the Village Witch she was cured she became happy and so very relieved she also went on to become a great Hollywood actress!


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  2. Bonna says:

    Reblogged this on Häxkonst, Voodoo Hoodoo och Bad JuJu and commented:
    This is wonderful! The most perfect method to remove curses from oneself!

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  4. Leah says:

    Thank you…such a good spell!!

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