depth_of_field_threads_1920x1080I shall pin your heart on my sleeve
A spell in which you must believe

A needle prick A thread to scroll
Cast upon…
As the midnight bells begin to toll




1 small glass jar with a lid
1 needle
3 white candles
Sea Salt

Prepare an area to work in outdoors

Find a place to stand free from any trees bushes flowers etc

As you stand in the area pour a ring of salt around yourself make sure it is completely closed and your trapped in the center of it

Then light the candles

Take the jar fill it to almost full with the vinegar keeping your thoughts and energy on that bad mojo that you want to rid yourself of

Take the needle and prick your index finger on the left hand to drip 3 drops of your blood into the vinegar than add the needle to the jar

Put that bad mojo that has been turned on you into that jar of vinegar and blood

After you have completed that you feel certain you have released that mojo into the jar brush away the circle of salt and let the jar sit open over night

The next day lid the jar and dispose of the jar you can pour it out in the woods far away from where you live work and play

Pour it into a stream or any body of water so it to float away from you

Or bury it deep into the earth perhaps in a graveyard also far from yourselfColored Safety Pins_1SAFETY PINS

On a piece of virgin parchment paper a paper that has never been written upon write your request your desire

Could be love ~ money ~ work related ~ family ~ friends ~ travel ~ animals etc

Fold that piece of paper 3 times pierce it through with a safety pin and attach it to yourself in a secret place upon your garments not visable to anyone

Take it off at night as you retire for the evening then wear it everyday hidden away from the visible eye


Needles bind Needles sew
To bring the good or end a foe
A stitch in time a stitch of nine
Stitch it tight just like a vine

Using Magick Needles and Thread

Thread color to match your Spell

Red: love passion
White: spiritual

Green: money
Blue: health

Pink: friendship
Brown: animals

Black: bind evil
Purple: witches choice

Orange: creativity
Yellow: positiveNeedleTake a piece of white paper around 3inch square

Write on it your intention be exact on what you want or need for yourself or the one your doing the spell for

Write more than a word or 2 add symbols and signs do this in black ink

You can prepare as many as you see fit

Always remember…that you must keep your thoughts on what you are doing feel each word go from your mind to your hand then released onto that paper by your written words…feel it feel your words come to life

Do one request at a time from start to finish

Fold the paper length wise 3x

Take the needle and thread and bind it together by making 13 stitches in the paper starting from one end and finishing off at the other end with the right thread color for the spell

Make sure each end of the thread is knotted so it does not come loose

Place that paper in a hardcover book leave it there for 1 year without touching it without opening the book leave it be

Mark your calander for the 1 year to come then remove it from the book unthread it so to open it up to read it then burn it in a white candle flame


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