Candles_Macro_Flame_dark_light_fire_1920x1200THE BASIC RULES TO CANDLE BURNING

The rules are few and easy to follow

All that is really required in Candle Magick is a Candle ~ a Purpose ~ a Concentrated force of power directed toward the objective through your Mental Energy

You can use any kind of Candle you can make them yourself or buy them but they must be “new” and “used” for one purpose only

The size or shape is not indicitive of the success of your SpellWork or Ritual

Once a Candle is used it should not be used again for a new or different intention even if the Candle is only partially burned

That Candle that has been used can be relighted again and again hourly ~ daily ~ weekly for the same intention it was initially burned for but if your intention or purpose changes start with a new Candle each timeCandle LightBAYBERRY: is a beautiful and legendary fragrance and easy to find you can burn a Bayberry Candle everyday of the year anytime to bring good fortune

BEESWAX: natural candles made from the wax secreted by bees is slow burning with no drip and are traditionally used in rituals


CAT: reverse one’s bad luck ~ draw good luck or money

CRUCIFIX: cross-shaped candles keeps home safe and family harmonious

SATAN: exorcism rites ~ winning love ~ clear one’s home of dark forces ~ against harm ~ black magick

FEMALE: with whom you desire sexual relations ~ love spells ~ passion ~ to discourage unwanted attentionsCandle GirlMALE: control his sexual desires ~ increase or decrease his abilities to perform

MUMMY: used for spells for power and success

SEVEN-KNOB: wish candles burned for a secret desire or a dream to come true

SKULL: hex ~ separate a person from their money ~ cause love to die

SNAKE: protection from evil

WITCH: potent love spells

keep your soul keep your heart
from this day we shall never part
turn and see I come to thee
your love is cast over to me


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  3. kcg1974 says:

    I found this to be very interesting as I never knew the ‘meaning’ of candles, that there was a difference in them. I’ll think twice the next time I burn them, now that there is a purpose behind them. Not just the ‘light.’

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