The Dream Dictionary gives you the traditional meaning for the motif you had a Dream about

Along with the motif take into consideration the Dreamers environment and what is currently going on in the Dreamers life

Here are a some motifs:

ALLIGATOR: hidden enemies

ANGEL: to receive happy news

APPLES: peace prosperity and good fortune

BAREFOOT: you will have to overcome many difficulties

BATS: danger lurking ~ death

BEES: many pleasant and profitable business deals

CANDLE: you can depend on a friendship

CAT: bad luck ~ destruction

CUPID: good news

DEVIL: unscrupulous people will try to tempt you

DOGS: friendly: you will have gains
vicious: ill fortune

ELEPHANT: solid wealth will be yours

FEATHER: your burdens in life will be easily borne

FISH: you will become rich and famous

GHOST: be careful of strangers

HEAVEN: you will reach a prominent position in life

HORSE: success

INCENSE: don’t let others flatter you into doing their will

JEWELRY: pleasure and richesFancyPentagramBarKEYS: unexpected changes in your life

LADDER: your hopes realized

LEAVES: happiness and satisfaction

LEMONS: jealousy

LION: much inner strength

MAGICK: you will have pleasant surprises

MAN: full and happy life

MOON: success in a love affair

NAKED: you will face scandals and temptations

NIGHTMARE: watch what you are eating!

OCEAN: calm: profitable in business
turbulent: you will have a narrow escape from injury

OYSTER: many children to come

PATH: narrow or rocky: adversity
covered with flowers: soon to be free from an oppressive lover

PISTOL: beware of jumping to the wrong conclusion

QUICKSAND: you will meet deceitful people

RAIN: you will be blessed with pleasures and energetic vitality

RAINBOW: success and joy

ROSES: success in love

SATAN: beware of flattery

SEA: lonely life

SHADOW: someone is plotting to hurt you

SKELETON: illness ~ death

STARS: good health

SUN: prosperity

TALISMAN: you will receive help from powerful peopleFancyPentagramBarTHORNS: hidden enemies

THUNDER: grief

TORCH: pleasant endeavors

UMBRELLA: shelter yourself

VAMPIRE: marital troubles

VIRGIN: good luck

WIND: softly: great inheritance
brisk: achieve a fortune

WOMAN: intrigues and losses if you are not careful

YARDSTICK: you are a hypercritical individual

ZENITH: great prosperity and a wealthy loving marriage partner


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