103These objects contain a strange power to want to do harm if it be possible I will try to force them to do good

The feeling in my mind is that these objects for some unknown reason possess a mysterious dangerous power

Therefore they should be avoided…

Experience has taught me if it can only do harm I must shun it but if this becomes impossible due to temptation I will have to in the end rid myself of the evil effects that just may linger on

Only of course if my mind has developed enough magicakally for me to make the proper association ~ come to the right conclusion and banish it

Sometimes things that are strange or new or just abnormal from what I am use to seem a bit dangerous to me

Like a strange food but once eaten to find it enjoyable and delicious my fears have vanished

It’s about the things we fear…

Coupled with an unusually active imagination

We have given this a name…it’s just Taboo!


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