Black Witches



The Black or the Turned witches are witches who were once human but due to their basal and uncontrolled emotions made a pact with either devils for power, knowledge and their assistance or tapped into the forbidden energies of the earth.

Now even among the Black Witches there are two kinds, the voodoo witches and the witches who tap into the angelic magic.

Voodoo witches are those witches who make a pact with demons for power to help in their nefarious plans. The need for power usually arose from sense of insecurities or from superiority complexes. Most of the time such people seek out these dark powers on their own but sometimes people with weak minds are ensnared into their traps unsuspectingly.

BLKWTCH- Voodoo Such witches are turned by other witches. They are inducted into the covens by the older and experienced witches who are called as elders. These new witches have to go…

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