primevalHear what is around you hear what is within you and trust in yourself

The only thing you need…is belief in you and the power within you

They fear what they do not understand

Treasure your curiosity
Hold tight to your mistakes
Do not mind being different

Heal yourself
Enrich your soul
Take command

Practice the skills of the mind until they are mastered

Embrace your heart
Sprinkle everyday with magick
Walk your own path

It’s an art hidden away for those whose mind body and soul flourish within nature

Witchcraft is a religion a way of life practice it wisely and find a place that feels right to you without disturbance then work freely

I make no apology that I am challenging you to live a life filled with belief and magick…and to…

❤…experience yourself…❤

NOURISH THE SOULthisEveryday day find the time and a quiet place to meditate ~ read ~ pray ~ write

Whatever brings you to that sacred place that is all yours

When we look for the time we always find the time

Light a pure white candle

Spiritual strength comes from within ourselves it cannot be purchased or handed to us by another

So take from your innermost heart begin to be blessed and lifted up to a better place…


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  1. desertmoon62 says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Such a timely message for me. You always inspire me.

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