69f02e632dde9b0a99e516f6694e19fcThis Universe of ours is filled with neutral potential Magick just waiting for you to sculpture it and charge it with your own Strength and Will Power

We believe that malignant influences must be washed away before the good spirits can enter and inhabit the premises


Can only be prepared by a “real witch” otherwise it is not authenic and will not work!

You will need 2 pieces of silver first up a silver container such as a bowl ~ cup ~ large jar etc something with a wide opening to allow the sun to shine on the water all day long

And a silver object made of real silver can be a ring ~ coin ~ bead ~ chain etc

Water from a “natural” body of water such as a lake ~ river ~ stream that the Witch has waded through captured in the container then well strained of any debris

A single white rose
Course sea salt

This is prepared when the sun is at its highest in the sky

Pour the water in the container almost to the top

Add 3 pinches of sea salt stir it rapidly widdershins 13x with a wooden spoon or a twig from a tree

While the water is still spinning from being stirred add to it the silver object and just watch it spin around to gently land on the bottom

Speak closely to the water that your breath touches its surface with your own words of what the Craft means to you

Add the petals of the white rose to the water one at a time keeping your thoughts on what you are doing

Keep the water under the sun til the sun sets for the day

Bring the water indoors at sunset strain it

Pour the Witches Water that is now highly charged by the energy of the sun in a dark colored glass bottle or jar with a lid in a cool place indoors

The Witches Water can be used in any way you need it to be used to repel evil ~ bless items ~ healing ~ hexing etc

According to what you are going to achieve you can and may want to add to the Witches Water with herbs ~ stones ~ oils ~ crystals ~ lock of hair ~ finger nails ~ pins etc

Some herbs to think about:

Chamomile: for success in doing things with your hands…many a gambler has won big washing their hands before a game of poker

Star Anise: good luck

Basil: attract trade and customers

Cinquefoil: to harm an enemy

Adam and Eve Root: attract or keep love

Pour some of the Witches Water into a vile or small jar with a lid add to that what you need to for your SpellWork use the rest of the water for other Spells or Rituals

As in all things…nothing last forever…if you need to dispose of the Witches Water it must be poured directly back into the Earthgothic crossPS: whatever it is you practice there are many versions of WitchCraft just remember…whatever Craft is involved in the making of the Witches Water and by their power the water is sealed to break this seal will be very difficult to do


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  3. Marcie Thurlow says:

    Where can I get Adam and Eve root?
    Many thanks

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  5. this is a silly question…but how is one considered a “real witch”?

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