a WITCH and her MOON

Featured Image -- 45079The essence of her beauty hid deep inside
One night the Full Moon became her guide
She could not see it but yet it was there
The Witch has a Spell for those who dare!
FancyPentagramBarThere may be days we feel less beautiful this does not mean we are doomed to plainness

You can be noticed for the true beauty you hold inside even if you cannot see it all the time

Everyone has a deeper light of beauty which may just need a Beauty Spell to be activated

You will then be able to uncover the beauty you have always held inside

By releasing the true essence of your own beauty you will begin to change the way others see you

πŸ’œ…and you will change the way you see yourself…πŸ’œ


On the Night of the Full Moon pour into a medium to large clear glass jar or bottle fresh pure Spring Water

Take a piece of Rose Quartz rub salt on it then carefully rinse it clean with the rest of the Spring Water (not the water in the jar)

Rose Quartz is used for this Beauty Spell this semi-precious gemstone belongs to Venus the Goddess of Beauty

Rubbing salt on the Stone will clear it of any other energies it may be holding so it will be for your personal use and energyRose QuartzAfter the Rose Quartz has been cleared with the salt hold it in between the palms of your hands

Hold it tight feel it in your hands and charge it with your own beautiful enengy

Close your eyes and visualize the beauty you hold within the beauty you would like to have released from yourself

The beauty you know you have been holding back

Do this indoors inside your home in front of a window that the Full Moon shines through

When your beautiful energy has been released into the Rose Quartz drop in gently into the bottle of Spring Water

Light 3 small pink votive candles that are placed around the bottle of water

Leave the bottle of water out over night to soak up the Full Moon’s light on a place in your home

Let the candles burn themselves out

Early the next morning when you wake up drink a glass of the water…every drop

Lid the rest of the water in the bottle and refrigerate leaving the Rose Quartz inside the bottle

Every day drink 1 glass of the water til it is all finished

The Rose Quartz to be removed at that time and can be used for other SpellWork or Rituals just clear it first with salt

With a Beauty Spell you will begin to see how people turn their heads when they see you because they are able to see the glow which cannot be contained once it is released

πŸ’œ…is it not time to release yours…πŸ’œPentagram-1FULL MOON 18 AUGUST 5:57am EASTERN TIME

The Full Moon travels out of Aquarius and goes into Void of Course 18 August at 5:57am the exact same time it becomes full

The Full Moon will then freshly enter the Zodiac sign of Pisces at 12:34pm August 18


Healing: feet ~ lymphatic system
Candles: green ~ violet

Flower: water lily
Herbs: irish moss ~ sea lettuce ~ sea spirit ~ king’s fern

Incense: blend
2 parts frankincense
1 part eucalyptus
1 part lemon peel
3 drops sandlewood oil

Stones: amethyst ~ bloodstone ~ tourmaline

Element: water
Planetary Ruler: neptune


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