corn_valleys_Oregon_rivers_Indian_1920x1080CORN FOLKLORE SPELLS and MAGICK

The August Full Corn Moon is associated with the grain harvest a time to focus on harvesting that which has already been planted

And don’t forget it is a time to remember how important it is to put aside some of the harvest for the coming winter months

oh…the MAGICK of corn

YELLOW CORN: blessings and prosperity

WHITE CORN: spiritual insight

HANGING RED CORN: above a doorway to protect your rewards that you have reaped ~ especially good to hang over your front door of your business

CORN ON THE COB: eating it draws within you great creativity while it will also stir up some sexual energy

POPCORN: as the popcorn is popping shout out your financial or love wishes to make them come true

CORNSILK: very powerful ingredient when added to love spells ~ it is designed to attract the person you desire
CANDLES: for this Full Corn Moon are yellow red orange
Harvest Corn_1FOLKLORE

The tall corn stalks were looked upon as the beautiful young corn maidens and even though they were invisible one could see their charming dance movements when the growing corn danced along with the blowing wind watching this dancing corn brought for a bountiful corn harvest


Go to your farm market or local grocery store to the produce section and get several fresh ears of corn

How many you get is up to you

You will have 3 parts to the Corn and we will use each part in a different way

Pull the husk off of each ear of corn

Put the Corn Silk (stringy hairy part) aside in a bowl or jar for now it will be used later on

Same with the ears of corn put them aside for now

Working with the corn husks write on them what you want your growth for this year to be

For writing use colored magick markers

RED: passion ~ love ~ fire
BLUE: spiritual ~ health

GREEN: wealth ~ prosperity ~ money ~ business
BLACK: remove negative energy

ORANGE: creativity ~ artist ~ writers ~ actors
YELLOW: home ~ family ~ friends

According to the color marker you use for you desired needs match to it the same color string ~ cord or thread

Inside one of the corn husks write the words of your intention or that of others

You can make as many of these as you would like

Once the words are written down take the husks and bind it tightly with the matching string bind it very tight from one end to another

Leave a small loop with the string on one end of the husk so you can hang this Corn Husk Charm in your home perhaps in the closet and leave it there for 1 full year

Mark your calender for that 1 year anniversary

At the one year mark burn the Corn Husk Charm as you would a Smudge Stick

This Spell will take time to grow but your intention shall come forthCorn_1_1CORN SILK TEA

Corn Silk is a duretic that helps condition the bladder ~ reduce the number of times you need to use the restroom ~ helps to relieve bedwetting

Shuck 2 ears of corn and pull out the corn silk the stringy stuff in there

Bring 2 cups of water to a boil add the corn silk lower the flame to simmer cover and let the corn silk infuse into the water 13-15 minutes

Strain and Drink

The American Indians took this very same recipe and after it completely cooled down used it as a final rinse on their hair

That’s all that is left…

Get out your cauldron or a very large pot

Fill almost to the top with fresh water

Add 1 handful of sugar

Add the corn on the cob

Let cook about 20 minutes

And enjoy under August’s Full Corn Moon Night…💛


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