9654585919_387baf2e8d_zThe Cauldron’s flames began to glow as it was filled to the brim with a Magickal Potion

One drink…and you are forever under my Spell as the crowd called out for more of her Bubbling Brew

…just think of me as your loving pleasure…

With Air and Incense Flames and Fire that consecrated their desires

Moonlight touched the black of night as the powers outside of them began to unlock

Fast as the Wind they stirred about Candle Black lit at Midnight on this evening of the Waning Moon

Some fragrant barks and woods were thrown onto the hot coals to release their scents and powers

The secret formulas kept locked away within the Witch’s SpellBook

Seek out the experiences that await you in the blanket of each night

Move out into it

You will always be able to find your way always able to find something extra once you learn how to tap into the energy of the night

I strive for something more something that will be arising as the Sun sets each nightPentagram-1…and I will never look out into the darkness the same way again…


3 parts frankincense
2 parts coriander

1 part fennel root
1 part cassia

1/2 part henbane

Take all the ingredients to a dark haunted enchanted forest

Sprinkle dried Mullein on an olde tree stump in the area you are working in

On this olde tree stump set 3 black taper candles in candle holders along with a censor and the incense blend

Light the candles
Burn the incense
And wait…

Until the candles suddenly go out and in the darkness around you there will be Spirits

“There are some secrets which do not permit themselves to be told”


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