dirty_paws-wallpaper-1920x1200…after hanging a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on my door I began…

I had to strengthen my powers of concentration to cut out from my mind everything not directly relating to what I was doing in essence excluding those unneccessary things from my thoughts

No Noise
No Thoughts of Today’s Happenings
Not Even My Phone

Could intrude into my mind…

For a wandering mind like mine that was no easy task

I sometimes fall into the giddiness of the beautiful productive experiences life brings my way 💜

So I started to learn how to channel my minds own power

Sitting relaxed and with a lit candle in front of me I began to look deeply into the flame

Not just the wick but the bright upper flame alsoCandle LightI tested myself to see how long I could maintain the candles image in my mind

Then I closed my eyes and concentrated on seeing the candles flame

I then could make the flame change color and began to summon up more images to blend with the flame of the candle

After a while I opened my eyes

This was not complicated to control my concentration

It not only heightened my sense of awareness but made me realize that my mind has no limits…💜

I secretly stashed away that “DO NOT DISTURB” sign ready to be used for another day!


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2 Responses to CONCENTRATION

  1. My mind also tends to wander when I’m trying to concentrate : D I always think about that Buddhist saying about sitting on the bank and watching the river go by. For me this means at that moment that I’m observing my thoughts, not participating in them, I’m letting them drift by. I’m surprised honestly at how well this works for me…


    • hocuspocus13 says:

      For me sometimes I don’t even know I have drifted…

      Until I snap out of it then have to start over

      When I do a Spell focus seems easy because I like what I’m doing and at that time nothing else really matters to me

      What I have done to compromise for my lack of attention for other things…is all day long I’ll bring back to my mind what I want to accomplish as I go thru my day and just repeat it over and over again in my mind til I can feel those words running thru me

      It works everytime 💜💜💜

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