Ever feel like you’re being watched you look around but there is no one there and you can feel a chill in the air around you


Something awakes you in the middle of your peaceful sleep your heart starts to beat very fast because you thought you saw something move across your bedroom in the darkness with those half sleepy eyes

Or perhaps…

You just feel a weight upon your shoulders as it begins to get heavier and heavier as the day goes on but you can’t think of a single reason why and by night fall you are wiped out

If you can’t explain why or have any reason for that out of sorts feeling

Nothing that’s going on in your life would bring anything like this your way

After all has been ruled out on what it could be and you still come up blank

Then rest asured an Evil Energy has attached itself to you



1 medium clear glass jar with a wide mouth and a tight fitting lid ~ most people use a mayonaise jar it works well just the right size ~ after it has been throughly cleaned of any trace of mayo and fully dried

1 small jar of honey

1 box salt

1 long stem white rose if you go to the Florist to buy a white rose do 2 things before you buy it ~ check the scent of the rose you want a strong sweet rose smell ~ count the thorns on the stem of the rose you will need 13FancyPentagramBar 13 white rose thorns

This Spell is performed on the 1st night of the Dark Moon and followed thru on the next 2 nights of the Dark Moon

Check your time zone

Eastern Time the Dark Moon starts on 29 August continues on thru 30 and 31 of August

On the first night of the Dark Moon take the clear glass jar and place it on a plate on the dresser in your bedroom

Drizzle 3 teaspoons of honey on the inside bottom of the jar

Then put in the jar the 13 thorns

You will be filling the jar 1/3 full with the salt so pour half of that amount over the honey and thorns

You must leave room inside the jar for the Energy

Add 3 teaspoons more of the honey over the salt

Pour the remaining 1/3 salt over the honey so it is all layered together

««Remember to keep your mind and thoughts solid on what you are doing the reason why you are doing it and the outcome you expect to get while you are putting this Spell together»»

Cut the white rose off of the long stem leaving 1 inch of the stem on the rose and plant the white rose in the salt in the jar standing straight up by its 1 inch stem

Drizzle 1 teaspoon of honey over the white rose and salt

One more step…take your index finger and thumb of your left hand and dip them into the honey

And I mean really dip them in deep get your 2 fingers wet as can be with honey

With a Widdershins motion rim the jar with the honey 3x with your 2 fingers and don’t concern yourself if the honey drips down the outside of the jar leave it let it drip

Keep the jar open leave the lid next to the jar on the bedroom dresser

Leave it there for the 3 nights of the Dark Moon

Forget it is there
Do not touch it
Just go about your daily business

While you sleep is usually when that unwanted energy comes out to play

You know those things that go bump in the night

And did you know that Evil Energy just loves all things sweet!FancyPentagramBarOn the morning of the New Moon 1st of September at 5:03am Eastern Time awaken and close the jar up with the lid seal it real tight

If you do not live alone you may want to hide the sealed jar away for you do not want anyone opening the jar and releasing the captured Evil Energy…

If you need to set your alarm clock do so for the jar must be sealed at the moment the Moon becomes New

Check your time zone

September 1 @ 5:03am EASTERN TIME

That same night of the New Moon well after the Sun has gone down take that jar far away from your house and bury it deep into the Earth

In a Forest ~ Woods ~ Park ~ Beach ~ Graveyard etc

And whatever you do DO NOT OPEN THE JAR

As with all Spells they need time to grow and develope and with keeping your thoughts positive a smile on your face you will begin to feel the “good” differece in the Air that surrounds you


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  2. Added this to my book. Timely.

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