autumn_littel_girl_forest_sad_lonely_alone_red_nature_princess_doll_way_kids_child_3840x2559She was born with natural instincts swirling on air she came to be

Some things unknown of Ancient Wisdom in her sleep did come to thee
She found herself walking in a Forest of Dreams with bright Autumn colors that blanket the ground as many a leaf did fall

This Little Girl stood all alone with no fear of where she was surrounded fierce by a forest of trees so tall
She stopped for a moment to listen to the sound of the World to hear what it had to say

It will be your time be patient Little One upon many a Full Moon to come will be your day
She opened the way for her creation a path became clear before her eyes you see

Flow into her life Flow into her veins I came to realize that Little Girl was me
I shall grow into the person I was born to be grow strong with Magick and to grow strong to believe I must

My heart began to open the fire of my soul did roar and soon I learned a valuable lesson…

I learned in me to trustbrunettes_models_women_princess_nature_brown_dress_beauty_autumn_2560x1705


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2 Responses to LITTLE GIRL

  1. jackcollier7 says:

    Brilliant, insightful, lovely. ❀

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