FRIGHT_NIGHT_comedy_horror_dark_movie_film_vampire_gothic_fire_2000x1332🔥SEASONED WITCHES ONLY🔥

When the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon it is a very special Full Moon

The power of the Lunar Eclispe will challenge your logic

You will be forced to root out your fears your insecurities and your doubts

You must be expierenced to harvest the Power of the Lunar Eclipse

It is a time when the Natural Powers run loose which will make it difficult to ground them and the outcome of your Spells cannot be predicted

Dark Spirits can be Conjured as they surround you without a word be told all by your Inspired Curiosity

A turbulant night awaits you when what you hold deep in your mind comes out to play

Only Seasoned Witches dare…

So close your eyes 🔥 breathe deeply 🔥 and feel the force 🔥

I AM READY…are you


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14 Responses to LUNAR ECLIPSE

  1. laurabruno says:

    I was just telling someone this! Powerful stuff if you know how to use it and know what you want — best avoided if you’re not sure what you want, or have little awareness of energies. Happy casting! ❤

  2. chris jensen says:

    i am!

    Coffee time for me here West Coast of Canada..



  3. There is so much energy tonight I feel such excitement. Powerful, mesmerizing full moon. May you have a night filled with the power and energy of this lunar event..

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