mercyful_fate_king_diamond_heavy_metal_dark_occult_satanic_1813x1269BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SPELL FOR

The Energy of this Full Moon embodies the energy of every phase of the Moon

Beginning with the Full Moon then the Earth’s Shadow begins to cover it as it Wanes before your very eyes until it goes Dark

Utilize this Energy of both a Waxing Moon and the Waning Moon

It is important to consider timing…

Earth Moon and Sun in alignment as the Moon reflects the Energy of both the Sun and the Earth


With many Powers from above coming down and around at you some with a positive force others with evil negative forces burning a bit of Brimstone may come in step for a night like this

Brimstone is a Sulphur to burn to keep away Evil Spirits

For outdoor use get a few empty clean cans such as cat food cans or tuna cans fill them with Brimstone

Place them around the area you are performing your SpellWork or Ritual

As you begin to light each one say:

Flame of Hell of the cursed one
Quick and sure it will be done
Place this Spirit away from here
Drive away the evil and fear

Repeat those words over and over until all the Brimstone is burning

After all the cans are lit begin your work within the area of the Brimstone

You can also use Brimstone Incense Sticks which are used indoors as well as outside

Any Evil Spirit will quickly exit

Spell Words
Ritual Tools
Time your Work

🔥…into this tiny glitter of time…🔥



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