dark_evil_horror_spooky_creepy_scary_2048x1365It came as a faceless form

I never felt the moon within me so strongly

A moon I just could not see

Blocking out everything else from my mind my skin began to glow my heart raced my soul melted softly

I needed room to breath as I realized that certain parts of me no longer made sense

I had to search in this place I was at to find that part of me that lay hidden in the dark

A part of me I never met
A part of me that was this stranger
A part of me I could tear apart

In the darkness I saw all my imperfections

What awaited for me was an even darker vision

I peeked in I saw things I did not want to see and I could see things I could not wait for them to fill my eyes

The gates of the afterlife had opened to show me my mortality

That faceless form reminded me that I came from somewhere and that I have someplace to ultimately return to ♠


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2 Responses to DARK MOON NIGHT

  1. Hauntingly beautiful❤️

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