…the first time I met with death

dark_evil_horror_spooky_creepy_scary_1920x1080I wasn’t doing any kind of ritual it was for me another routine day at home…alone

But as the day drifted into night for some reason things didn’t feel quite right that night

I first began to feel a bit numb just going through some very simple motions of daily life

Then this feeling of detachment came over me a detachment from the world around me and it only got worse from there

I seem to have become a guest in my own body looking at this world that I became detached from through someone else’s eyes

The world rushed by me spinning all around me as I was caught up in it’s twists and turns

Memories faded in and out
Faces smiled some frowned
Voices calling out to me to come

It felt like hands and arms touching me trying to pull me in all different directions

Where would they take me if I would follow?

I was too frozen in some type of time lapse to be able to turn my head and look around

It was all darkness except for a far away glowing center of light

Strange thoughts entered my mind

My vision blurred

I was sinking in something

That numbess gave me no pain

Did this all make sense?

What was this genderless being that I was looking at?

Who had entered my home uninvited!

As I came to realize this was Death and showed itself to me but did not take me with it

I saw something in the center of a fading darkness perhaps a person a family member that had already past on I’m just not sure what it was and with that vision my numbness began to disappear

A calm settled over me

It wasn’t my time but I think I came close

This became a reminder to me that there is something more on the other side of life โ™ 

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18 Responses to …the first time I met with death

  1. chris jensen says:

    As always i am glad to be able to talk, now about that feeling, are sure it was death or possibly someone masquerading as death?

    For you as well as i, know our bodies are just but vehicles for the essence of life…

    i looking forward to the night, which i do believe is important to your kind,
    and ask for a protection spell, from your circle, only if the vote is unanimous…

    love chris

  2. My sister is a CNA and works specifically with the elderly. She encounters Death quite regularly and is able to see him. She told me once about a shift she was working when she saw him walking the halls of the building and he became aware that she could see him. She said he walked up to her, looked at her for a moment and said something like “No, not you” the turned and went into a patients room. Within three days of him visiting a patient, that person transitions.

    • hocuspocus13 says:

      I haven’t figured out why or for that fact understand it but Death visits me quite often

      It will frighten you at first probably because you’re not sure what is going on

      You doubt your eyes as it looks back at you

      Now when I see Death I just think its on it’s way to someone else and I’m just a pass by

      When my times comes I will be ready…I think!
      โ™ โ™ โ™ 

  3. My family has had many stories with the presence of death. It’s very interesting and just makes you wonder. Love your words.

    • hocuspocus13 says:

      Thankโ™ You

      It does appear many have had some type of Death experience

      Or had something unusual take place that they weren’t sure what it was

      โ™ …and Welcome Aboard…โ™ 

  4. I believe that because you are a conduit you see Death and I believe that Death was passing through to someone else, you have the ability to sense and see and feel what so many cannot. Profoundly beautiful.

    • hocuspocus13 says:

      Passing through…now that’s it

      I always knew I was the chosen one since I was 4 years old and a skeleton came to my bedroom in the middle of the night

      I woke up and there it stood watching me

      I never spoke of it just kept it to myself ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€

      • Yes I believe that because you are so in tune and receptive you are a passageway. When I was young and lived in a very old house in upstate NY above our garage in back of our house there was a room. I used to go sit in that room and there was a spirit who resided in the room that I communicated with. Never told my parents or anyone it was my secret.

      • The weirdest thing just happened. I was on your site and clicked on one of the sites that was re blogged and right afterward alarms started going off on my computer and it shut down with a message to contact apple that my computer had been compromised, it was a major security alert. Apple is remotely cleansing my computer as I type this on my phone and that cements for me that tonight in need to do a major cleansing during the black moon.

      • FYI I did not have malware but was a victim of a phishing scam. Ugh…. stupid me.

  5. Peppermint says:

    I’m not sure this goes along with the content of this post, but I had a near death experience some years back.

    I had surgery done and went into deep shock. The nurses wrapped me with every heated blanket they could all the way to my face, my head was covered and only my nose and mouth were open to the air.

    Then two nurses stood on either side of me, holding my hands. I knew then I was in deep trouble going to my death. I saw the white light ahead of me, full of warmth. I felt no fear. I felt no pain.

    While all of this was going on, I went out of my body and could look down and see everything that was happening.

    I came back when the phone rang and I heard a nurse tell my husband he could not come up to the recovery room. I had been there for over 12 hours and the only one left in the recovery room.

    I really didn’t want to come back. I never felt so peaceful as I did then. But, my husband and my son still needed me I guess.

    I don’t tell this story to just anyone who may think I’m crazy, but this is a true story that happened to me.

    • hocuspocus13 says:

      I had my own near death experience

      I got hit by a drunk driver 4p as I was going home from work

      The next thing I knew it was 4:30p

      I had a sheet over my head
      I sat up and people around me were screaming

      At first things were fuzzy

      Then it came back

      I stood not moving a muscle in a dark tunnel with a bright white light all the way down there

      No noise No voices No visions

      I did not walk to the white light and came back to life that’s why people were screaming

      I had been pronounce dead at the scene

      I had then and still today no memory of being hit by the truck

  6. All of the stories on the comments are so very true, very real. I love how Death can be our friend and let it walk on by to go get what they came for. It’s an honor to see Death and stand to tell others about it.

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