I ask for love eternal and true
My hearts desire a flame of blue
Grant me my wish I beg of you
Refresh my love to begin a new
The apples sensual fruit ripens in late summer to late fall just before the frosts of winter in great abundance

Known to be the fruit of the UnderWorld it sustains us when we venture into the deep dark places including the Realms of Death
She must burn all her papers when she realizes that she is near death unless there is a very reliable Witch who will inherit the notes and include them in her own work
The apple seeds will be carried through the dark and cold of winter to take root the next spring

What we send into the world will grow for us when the conditions are right

Witches are known to pour apple cider on the ground to soak deep into the dirt in their garden before they begin their planting season to give to the earth life

Dreaming of apples symbolizes prosperity and the good life

To ensure fidelity in your partner give an apple to your love as a gift then cut the apple in half you eat one half and your love eats the other half it will strenghten your relationship

Many a Witch upon her death has had an apple branch put inside her coffin to ensure the restoration of youth as the soul becomes free of the body
🍎poison-appleMany feelings of bitterness irritation and anger result from fully a lack of wothiness that you belive in yourself

These negative feelings create a pattern of unbalance in us which can significantly reduce the flow of the life force energy in our bodies

Call upon the powers of the apple to bring healing to those that suffer from illness or depression and call upon the those same powers to keep your health in tact

An apple eaten before bedtime will bring to you a peaceful nights sleep

As…”an apple a day keeps the doctor away”

This spell is for someone that has feelings for you and you want those feelings to become stronger and more focused towards you

For whatever reason you may have to want that attraction to grow deeper to become serious and ever lasting

Take a nice ripe bright red apple

With a small carving knife carve the 2 names of the people who have feelings for each other right on the apples red skin

While your carving the apple keep your mind on what your doing and your favored outcome of this spell

When that is completed place the apple in a clear glass jar and lid it tightly

On the night of the very next New Moon dig a 9in hole in the dirt take the apple out of the jar and bury it deep into the earth

This will allow those feeling to grow just like seeds grow when planted into the ground
This little bit of magick is well rather a fun kind of game you can play this at anytime but it is mostly played on Halloween Eve and Halloween Night

Get a basket or bushel of apples

They can be red or green or mixed together

Carefully study the apples pick them up one at a time and get a feel for which apple feels right to you

After you have selected your apple ask it a YES or NO question

It can be a question of humor or a serious one which ever you would like to ask

Once you have your question in your mind that you would like an answer to place the apple on a dish and slice it through its equator

Width wise

You will see why the apple became known to belong to the Witches

You will see in the center of the apple a 5 point star the pattern of the Witches Pentagram

Pluck out all the seeds on both halves

Start counting the seeds starting with the first one being YES second seed NO and so on til all the seeds have been counted

The last seed whether it be YES or NO is the answer to your question

Have Fun with it…
There is no pursuit more important to me than the attempt for me to understand my own selfpoison2so go ahead and eat that apple…I dare you!


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