The Movie Bucket List

Released:  1922

Cast:  Benjamin Christensen, Clara Pontoppidan, Oscar Stribolt, Astrid Holm, Maren Pedersen

SUMMARY:  This is a silent film made by Benjamin Christensen (who plays the devil) that chronicles witch hunts and hysteria during the Middle Ages.  The film can be considered a documentary, as it presents a number of historical images, but it also contains reenactments.  The film is divided into several different sections, each with a specific focus.  It begins with the appearance of witchcraft and the devil in literature and art, and discusses how people believed the devil worked.  Witches are usually seen in company with the devil (who always has his tongue out), and have numerous practices that allow them to be recognized (including covens).  The film then shifts to a time of witch-hunting hysteria (set in the Middle Ages, but similar to the American Salem Witch Trials), in which witches are recognized by the church…

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