Featured Image -- 32236There are times we need a little psychic lull a quiet time

You’ve heard of it and probably already learned all about it that thing we call inner peace or inner quiet

I could not function day after day week after week without my own quite time just for me just by myself…just a tiny bit of solitude

To begin I must first remove any distracting thoughts from my consciousness to allow the darkness of the quiet to seep in

I want to link with the night to listen quietly to fill my mind with what surrounds me

I can feel an overwhelming sensation

Mental activity is fast asleep

I’m in a dark quiet room not too cold

It’s around 3am the night is trying to reveal something to me

I close my eyes and think about how quiet it is here

No whispers can break through this silence

I let my thoughts come and go

Filling my mind then erasing it

Impressions come as clear answers some appear in images others in symbols

In a dark and quiet place I am comfortable

Inspiration takes advantage of my relaxed state of mindPentagram-1It’s just for me that clear sky I looked up to tonight

No longer are there thick clouds
No longer am I lost in the fog
Tomorrow the sun will shine brightly

I became immersed into the quiet of the darkness

I shared some fond memories with myself

Thought about some of my favorite things

For awhile I felt my empty body

But now it is filled with all possibilities โ™ 


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  1. I almost feel ripped off if I go too long without some good, quality solitude late at night… ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers for finding it! Mozart apparently dug it too. Better for composing. At least, that’s the myth about him. I’d have to check on WIki… ๐Ÿ™‚

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