Beautiful eyesThe minds of others are so easy to take control of just plant a seed of superstition in it

People has sight they can see very well with their eyes they can even see all that lives grows and breaths around themselves but sadly they lack one important thing and that is vision

I will meet the requirements of my great imagination to have all the influence I choose to have over you

I can poison your mind with just a few words and have you living in fear

My fear
Fear of me
Fear of what will happen next to you

You see I can accomplish that because I myself have conquered fear and once I did that it became the beginning of learning wisdom rather than dwell in fear

Believe in your words as I believe in mine then and only then can you put forth those words into your magick for fear is the mind killer

Feeble minds are all around us living in sheer blindness of what they have within themselves the power and courage they were born with beautiful talents they will never use

A touch of the words of superstition will enter the brain of whom you choose and soon that brain will be gone

Total obliteration…FancyPentagramBarWords have always fascinated me especially when my words come to life and do what I expect of them

…as I regret nothing my imagination has done…


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