PREPARING BONESIMG_2049This process takes time so be patient for that and don’t try to rush it just let nature take it’s course with the bones

Once you have found a dead animal put the animal in a burlap bag or any other type of bag or pouch that is of a natural material to allow the decomposing process to take place

Make sure you bury the dead animal in the burlap bag very deep into the Earth so scanvengers don’t smell it and run off with your precious bones

This is what takes time and depending on the animal size just how long for the flesh and tissue of the animal to decompose leaving behind just the bones

It will take anywhere from 3 months to one year or so

The HooDoo told me to get a black cat bone
The HooDoo told me to get a black cat bone
And shake it over their heads
They’ll leave your man alone


If need be place a marker such as a large stone or brick a wooded stake pounded well into the dirt works well so to remember where you buried the animal

After all that time has past dig up the skeleton of the animal and wash the bones in waterfcb5aea2e08964d07c600fa1d6c8496dPlace the bones in a container and completely fill the container with tap water

Replace this water every few days with fresh tap water pouring the olde smelly water into your garden or just back into the Earth

Repeat this process until the water stops becoming murky and as smelly

Then rinse the bones well with plain water and scrub off any remaining tissue

Rub my bones
Say my prayers
Widdershins I go

After that step is completed submerge the bones in a container filled with hydrogen peroxide to sterilize and whiten the bones

This will take anywhere from a few hours to a few days

And may I add never use bleach it will cause the bones to degrade at a very fast rate and cause the fatty tissue to become trapped inside the bone resulting in greasy smelly bones that will continue to decompose also do not boil the bones the stench will knock you out and leave the bones soft brittle and breakable

You want those bones in tact hard and strong

Once sterilized and white rinse the bones very well in tap water and allow to dry naturally

Now your bones are ready to be used in your SpellWork as Magickal Tools or as a Powerful Charm

Carry a small bone with you in your pocket for protection ~ good luck ~ health ~ safe travel ~ to hex or curse

Dangle a bone as a necklace or braclet as a Charm

Your bones will become the focal point in your workings with the dead for they will become for you a doorway to the Spirits

Begin to direct all your heart your will and intention through those bones creating waves of energy

You can also charge up the bones with a few drops of a sacriface of your own blood dripping that blood upon the bones at midnight under a bright and glorious Full Moon…


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