Did I concentrate long enough to convince myself I know what I am doing maybe I’ll give it five more minutes mood_waiting_alone_women_models_redhead_trees_forest_woods_girl_1920x1280Am I saying the right words what did I see what was I looking for oh hell was that suppose to happenmood_dark_spooky_creepy_occult_witch_religion_wicca_emotion_love_landscapes_trees_forest_fog_mist_women_females_blondes_sexy_babes_fantasy_1920x1200Should I start over mixing and pouring did I need this or that and by the way WTF is ylang ylang anywayONCE_UPON_A_TIME_fantasy_drama_adventure_mystery_fairy_witch_dark_blood_horror___f_2560x1600Did it work did it shake my soul flame my heart did I feel the Earth quake or did I just make him fall madly in love with mewomen_females_girls_models_magical_dreams_gothic_occult_witches_witchcraft_wicca_wiccan_fire_flames_sparks_gowns_1920x1200By laughter and by tears I had no idea what I was doing and that’s kind of how I learned

I was not perfect I made alot of mistakes but I was determined to never stop trying never stop with the experiments and never stop believing in me

I became strong enough and confident enough to handle things all by myself

Who was I…

I was someone who was here to grow into full awareness of my true nature

By the light of the Full Moon I sit quietly and read a book…that’s kind of how I love it ❤Moonlit Night


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