Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can help you to be magickal but first that piece of jewelry needs some help to get there

To complete this process you must have Moon Water

Moon Water is Spring Water or Rain Water that has been charged in the dark of the evening by the light of the Full Moon

To make Moon Water pour the Spring or Rain Water in a “clear” glass jar

Rain Water will need to be strained out of any possible debris

Fill the glass jar with the water on the night of the Full Moon and put that jar in a place that it will soak up the Full Moon beams all night long

A window on a table or the windowsill or just place it outside on the ground

Early the next morning bring the glass jar inside and lid it tightly

Keep the Moon Water in a cool dry place out of sunlight

You can use a funnel to pour the Moon Water in smaller glass jars if you would like to…some give it out as a gift packaged in pretty little glass jars or bottles decorated with bows ~ hand painted symbols ~ ribbons etc

So let’s get started…

Set up a work area with a white table cloth and 1 white candle burning bright

Pour some of the Moon Water in a cup or small bowl

Put the piece of jewelry in the palms of your hands and cup it tightly

Do one piece of jewelry at a time

Think about how you would like to empower that piece of jewelry

What do you want it to do for you

Reduce pain or fear
Happiness etc

After that has been accomplished gently dip the jewelry into the cup of Moon Water

Dip it up and down in the Moon Water 9x this will drain all the negative emotions or energies it may have picked up to flow out of the item

Then pat dry with a clean cloth

To bind that piece of jewelry to yourself you must wear it on your “skin” everyday for 9 straight days so that the jewelry goes through the same emotions ~ experiences ~ feelings as you doKool RingsDo not let anyone touch the jewelry to allow it to absorb someone elses energy if that does happen you will have to start over

After the 9th day you can take it off and wear it when you need to or want to

Keep it stored away from your everyday jewelry and away from your jewelry box

Store it by itself in a material pouch or box

As far as that cup of Moon Water you dipped the jewelry in pour it outside back into the Earth

It will contain negative vibes so it is not recommended for you to re-use it on the next piece of jewelry you want to make Magickal


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