Fortune_Teller_witch_occult_crystal_ball_fantasy_women_females_face_1920x1200Sometimes we are tested not to show our weakness but to discover our strengths

Through this understanding of our new found strengths we can begin to unlock a more spiritual side of ourselves

Deep within my subconscious mind images form as I try to analyze them to find out a little bit more about myself

I take it all in and begin to see my future…


Set the atmosphere in a darkened quiet room as you light 3 candles and burn some Patchouli incense

Place underneath the Crystal Ball a black velvet cloth

Make sure there are no reflections from anything in the room shining on the Ball too much light can distort images or make it difficult to read what the Crystal Ball is telling you

Breathe in and out slowly and deeply feel the sense of limitless time

Enjoy the peacefulness

Gaze into the Crystal Ball

Give this connecting with the Ball around 15 minutes or so or until you feel that connection if you don’t get that connect just put it aside and come back to it at another time or day

It is very common in today’s world of madness to find it difficult to clear your mind which is a must have not only working with a Crystal Ball but all your SpellWork

Once your connection has been reached hold the Ball in your hands for awhile to energize it and strengthen your psychic bond with it

Think about the topic in your mind visualize it the information that has settled in your subconscious mind to come forward into the light of your thoughts

Just think about the purpose for that session

Images from your subconscious mind will travel from your mind and settle in the Crystal Ball which is the door through which these subconscious thoughts can be accessed

A small cloudy glow appears in the center of the Ball

This is your focus area where your visions will appearfranklin-mint-thread-life-fates_1_cc96560c74ad8410a3e2e290ade0a135-2.jpgA color begins to form

BLUE: success of career and business

GOLD: prosperity ~ steady cash flow ~ renewed romance to come

GRAY: ill fortune

BLACK: bad things coming one’s way

GREEN: health ~ happiness of the heart

ORANGE: agression and anger ~ troubled emotions

RED: danger ~ one should watch themselves very carefully

SILVER: troublesome times ahead followed by goodnesd

WHITE: good fortune to come

YELLOW: upcoming obstacles ~ jealousy

BROWN: travel ~ animals ~ contentment

As images may appear along with the cloud of color it will be up to the Practioneer to determine what it means by piecing it together


A Crystal Ball is made of clear glass ~ lead crystal ~ reconstituted quartz ~ natural quartz

And should be at least 4″-5″ in diameter so reading it is easier

Cleanse it with a soft cloth water and mild soap this will not only make your Ball clean physically but also help cleanse the Ball’s energy as it should be cleaned before each use

As any magickal tool in your bag of tricks you shouldn’t let anyone else touch your Crystal Ball as their energy and subconscious thoughts will pass through onto it and contaminate it causing inaccurate readings

Charge your Crystal Ball by the light of the full moon which is something you can do every month

And keep the Ball away from direct sunlight for this will weaken the Ball’s magnetism and may render it unable to draw images and colors220px-Jeane_Dixon.jpg…now go and discover what hidden knowledge lies inside your subconscious mind


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