…in loving memory ❤

november stock_60WHISPERING WORLDS

I sat alone as the night grew darker

It seemed the right time to connect with someone special who had passed on

My soul had some unfinished business with him

So the cedar incense began to fill the air as a single orange candle burned quietly in the corner

Lavender oil I began rubbing gently on my skin for I knew the scent like magick would entice him to return to me

Quiet and comfortable I patiently waited until I felt that chill that brought along with it the breeze of the veil between our worlds as the wind whispered his name

He entered just as I knew he would as always he made me smile and no matter what happens some memories can never be replaced

The thrill of seeing him one more time melted my hunger as I realized I was still in love with his memory

We spoke remembering our past what we had shared our spirits were nourished

My heart well that was another thing a simple touch just to feel him one more time

He gave me so much to remember simple moments that became for me beautiful treasures

Our memories never faded they echoed through the chamber as we put our arms around those memories and held on tight

I know you are always at my side I can hear your footsteps walking with me your warmth when I get cold and I can still taste your kiss

But time was running out in our whispering worlds

Soon he will leave this earthly plane and depart from me once again back to his realm in the spirit world

But until that time arrives…image…in loving memory of my husband ❤


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5 Responses to …in loving memory ❤

  1. This really is a fabulous and ❤️🔥tribute to your husband he must have been a fabulous man to have such a wonderful person as you for a wife .. Lots of love as always … Ian 🌹God Bless 🙏

  2. Reblogged this on ' Ace Friends News ' and commented:
    ❤️xoxo Jinx X

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