Featured Image -- 53303At the edge I stood with the feel of the earth under my feet crumbling into stardust

Everyone around me terrified me all those who were nothing more that a mere 65% water

The night sky use to feel like home now as I look up its a distant dark emotion of mine that hides my innocence as well as my chaos

I tried to breath deeply to relieve myself of this choking that left me with some very strange thoughts in my way of thinking

I was down to my last 2%

My resistance was low the temptation of this elixir was a wild escape for me

And the Green Fairy that lives in this bottle of Absinthe wanted my soulFairy In The BottleI didn’t want to go over the edge I just wanted to see all the things I could not see while I was standing in the middle

She was the aphrodisiac of myself a heart made of distilled stars so pure that it sometimes got lost in itself a mind as salty as the sea that washed up on different shores in desparate need of adventure and my passion that for years I hid from those who truly taught me how to love and be loved

Was I lost or was I finally beginning to learn

…just one more sip so I can find myself once again…💚


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6 Responses to ABSINTHE

  1. I’ve never tasted absinthe, it’s so intriguing 🎃

    • hocuspocus13 says:

      For many years it was banned from the US as well as many other Countries

      It’s made with the WormWood plant

      There are recipes online to homemake it

      You can buy a version of it in the store but it’s not quite the same

      Make your own…💚…let the green fairy take you on a trip!

      Smile…it’s Friday 😊

  2. This is an incredible drink and had some a long time ago but it’s a killer and too much can poison the blood – knew someone who did just that and thanks god survived – but the recipe sounds amazing .. As always brilliant post .. Lots of hugs and love will post it later on friends in full …Ian X

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