solar-eclipse-1-1920x1200IN CAPRICORN

As the Moon grows in light the energies of growth come with Her

This 1st Quarter Moon rises around High Noon and sets around Midnight

So let’s grow quickly with the Moon as She casts Her light with strength confidence and success

Magick now is at it’s infancy stage allow those plans of Magick to begin to solidify and your inner visions to manifest

Our goals become brighter like the Moon as we still have a long way to go to completion

Take on some challenge that has been facing you

At this time if you direct and focus yourself you can feel success within your grasp but your goal has not yet been achieved now is not the time to sit back and do nothing for there is still work to be done to bring your Magickal goals to fruitation at the Full Moon

Are you getting it…how the Magick of the Moon works?

This beautiful 1st Quarter Moon energy brings forth excitement and enthusiasm

So your attention is still required to keep your goal moving in the right direction or your goal just may slip away without you realizing it

Get on track and move towards your goal

The dynamic energy of the 1st Quarter Moon is a good time for financial growthpartial solar eclipseWhether it be growth for a business ~ an organization you belong to ~ or your own personal wallet etc the time has come to grow your financial needs

The 1st Quarter Moon will be in Capricorn a financial/money Zodiac sign til Sunday November 6 when on this day at 4:56am the Moon goes into Void-of-Course and travels out of Capricorn and will enter Aquarius at 8:55am on November 6 so get started (Eastern Time)



1st Quarter Moon in Capricorn
1 Candle made of Pure Beeswax
A Rose Thorn

First with the Rose Thorn carve the symbol of the Crescent Moon just as you see it up in the sky so go take a look at it 🌙🌙🌙 on the Beeswax Candle

Then draw on the Candle with the thorn a dollar sign 💲💲💲

Keep your thoughts firmly in your mind of what your financial goal is

Light the Candle as your eyes fix upon the flame concentrate on your goal

Luna of Desire and Light
Grant me my Wish Tonight

Say your wish

Fulfill my Heart’s help and need
Shine your light for me to follow and lead

Keep the Candle burning for around an hour or so until you feel the momentum of your goal building up inside you

Snuff the candles flame out

Every night light the same candle with the same intention in mind

Know that your wish has been heard with the purpose and intention of growth

On the Night of the very next Full Moon light the Beeswax Candle once again ask the Full Moon to grant you your goal

On this night allow the Candle to burn itself out down to its wickPentacle⭐ as the moon grows in light come grow with her and let’s make magick by the light of the moon ⭐


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    Great Article!

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