tattoo_2-wallpaper-1680x1050WHERE TO BEGIN

Think of those words of a Spell as a declaration of intent


An object

Make it clear how you want things to play out

First you will need to jot down those words on a piece of scrap paper and a pencil or pen to begin your brain storming session

Try out words til they feel right

Scratch off the words you don’t want add new ones that fit your Spell

Write and rewrite those words

Take your time

It may be a few hours or a few days but you will know when it is ready

When it is complete then write it in your Journal to keep

Decide on a need whether it be money ~ love ~ health etc

Then identify why you want this result

What the approximate result should be

Who should it affect

When would you like it to manifest

Your written Spells may be poetic or not either way is fine

Use whatever style works for you

Simple and Powerful always works for me

Write it accurately to get across what you’re trying to do in a Ritual or Spell

Just reciting some words will never result in successful magick for the words you write will have real power and create real change when intensely imagined in your mind by continuely repeating it to yourself

Repeating it to yourself everyday in between everything else you have to do in your daily adventure through life

It may sound difficult but remember it’s just that thought of the Words of the Spell running through your mind so strong it becomes a feeling in your bones

The more you think about it the strength of your Spell will grow

The mind is a powerful thing not to be wasted

Soon it will help out your subconscious to stay on track during the magickal part of a riteBlack Cat-6To establish to your mind that your will has completed something that will be carried out

Every act begins in the mind

We think of what we wish to do

Images pop into our heads

A formless realm where our thoughts are born

Access our minds at all times

Fantasy yes…but not magick just yet

Magick begins when your will takes over

Magick does work…you’ll see!

Oh and that scrap paper you were writing on when your finished with it…burn it


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  2. weighttrainingwoman says:

    Beautiful black cat.

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