156416When your home by yourself in the late hours of the evening pour some fresh spring water into a small bowl and add 2 heaping teaspoons of sea salt

With a wooden stick (you can use a tree twig or a wooden cook spoon) put one end of the stick into the water and salt

Stir it widdershins breathing these words onto the waters surface 3x:

water and earth where you are cast
no spell nor adverse purpose last

not in complete accord with me
hear my words evil spirit go free

Let the water and salt sit quietly for 19 minutes you want the salt to completely melt

Then take the bowl of water and salt walk through every room in your home and sprinkle a bit of the water in each corner of each room

Mentally visualize with all your faith ~ will ~ imagination you can muster up a home filled with peace

Room by Room…PentacleIf you have any water and salt left over pour it into a dark glass bottle and lid it tightly

You can use it again if you feel that the evil spirit still has not left your home

Sometimes it takes a few tries to rid your home of some of these very stubborn spirits

It’s also a good idea to do this once a month to ward off any potential evil spirits that just may decide on a future visit to your home


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