You will feel yourself becoming steady at this wheel they call life

Grounded Emotionally
Determined Professionally
Shamefully Romantic

Everything in every facet of your life from work to relationships will be full speed ahead

As your appetite arouses your urge to get up close and personal

At this time of the Taurus Full Moon you may just come to realize that something or someone has become obsolete to you

Getting rid of the obsolete creates space for something new and better something you can proudly show off to envy others

🔥…and what’s so wrong with that…🔥

Enjoy good music ~ beautiful surroundings ~ desirable companions ~ luscious food

During this Full Moon on a brisk November morning absolutely fulfill all of your senses


3 green votive candles

3 small pieces of emerald or green glass

3 pinches dried thyme

1 green cloth

Put the green cloth down on a table or your ritual area

Set each candle on the cloth 1 candle on top center the other 2 on bottom left the other bottom right so you have a triangle

Place the emeralds 1 next to each candle facing the center of the trianglegreen_gems_kryptonite_2560x1600_1In the center of the triangle goes the thyme in a small censor or dish

You can set this up ahead of time

When the Moon becomes Full as your thoughts are on your desire light the thyme

Get a smokey haze from it

Then light the top candle with your request in mind

Follow through to light the bottom left candle then the bottom right so that all 3 candles are burning as well as the thyme

Each candle can be used for the same objective or used individually for different objectives for different people…you decide


Yes…you are going to write your own Spell

Write your own words down on a piece of paper handwritten by you for only you truly know what you want to accomplish

Only you can know what lies in your heart and burns in your soul

Your Spell will have its own magickal powers

To accomplish your objective

A simple solution to your most vexing situations

Remember…the power of suggestion is your most potent ingredient

A remendy of positive thinking

It is the power of your mind and the determination of your will which will accomplish true sorcery

Say the Words of your Spell as you start to light those green candles at the beginning of your Spell

HEALING: at this Taurus Full Moon healing Spells are for the Throat and Neck just use one of the green candles for that objective of healing for yourself or someone elsehot-like-fire_1Allow your green candles to burn themselves out during the day of the Full Moon burning down to their wicks as your Spells will begin to conjure and grow

Place away the emeralds to be used another day if you like carry 1 with you in your pocket or if your like me and wear boots all the time all year long I place items like that deep into my boot sock do this til the moon goes dark


footnote: for those who are planning a full moon romp at midnight by the time midnight arrives the full moon will have safely traveled into and settled in gemini

14 NOVEMBER @ 8:23pm moon enters gemini
spells to follow…🔥

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    Fabulous post Jinx X as always hugs … 🌟X

  2. hocuspocus13 says:


    And once again…

    Thanks for all your hard dedicated work bringing us the news ❤

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  4. Ben Amiel says:

    May 19, 1965, Ben Amiel, I have wrestled in the questioning of so many thoughts, in asking for answers, life brought me down the roads I had to travel, to become aware of WHO I AM. I know Who I Am, I know for I have Bitten into the Crowned Apple, I have felt its truth, its lies, I am Aware< I AM THE POSITIVE FORCE, THEIR IS NO DARKNESS WITHIN ME, the clouds have been lifted, I am coming into complete balance, Its time to let Go, Its time to move forward.

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