I inscribe the Circle of Power onto the Earth with the Daggers masculine force of Nature

It’s strength and power is a weapon to subdue and banish rebelious Spirits

Dear Daggar help me to direct my personal power to focus my energy in a desired direction

Conduct the flow of my thoughts and expressions towards my desired destination during magickal Spells come forth


small bowl of water with 3 pinches of salt added

1 white candle
1 black candle

sandlewood incense

Place items on the alter or table

Light both candles
Light the incense

Relax and focus on the Dagger

Pass the blade of the Dagger through the flame of the black candle


may all negative thoughts be banished
all unwanted vibrations be gone

Now pass the Dagger blade through the flame of the white candle


let only the forces and powers I wish be within from this moment on

Pass the Dagger blade through the smoke of the incense ~ through the white candle flame and sprinkle with the salt water


elements of air fire water and earth
to this tool of the magick now give birth
blessed and consecrated in this hour
be thou dagger of strength and powerAncientWrap the Dagger in a red silk cloth and keep it in a safe place

Only use the Dagger for Magickal Rites and SpellCrafting ♠


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