Tranquility Tea


Substance & Shadows

“Anxiety is love’s greatest killer.

It makes others feel as you might

when a drowning man holds on to you.

You want to save him,

but you know he will strangle you

with his panic.”

~ Anaïs Nin ~

I’ve experienced two actual anxiety attacks in my life, and those were more than enough for me, thanks.  They’re horrible.  I don’t know if they’re all the same, but mine initially manifested as dry mouth and gagging; suddenly, there was this spot, this infernal spot, somewhere in my throat that no water could touch – all that would suppress the gagging were lozenges.  After a day or two of random acts of gagging, I began to get short of breath; it felt as if I couldn’t get enough air into my lungs.  And not long after that, chest pains began so suddenly and with such force that I felt sure…

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