…I knocked on the door

rigas_peter_baznicas_doors-wallpaper-1280x800WHICH DOOR

Just a flat piece of wood ~ a doorknob or two ~ three hinges and some hardware

An entrance into other dimensions…

Doors themselves are magickal full of lore and guards the place of entry to your home

To enter through a front door could be an opportunity or inspiration it could be a chance at happiness or even sadness

The door also functions as an ideal place for inviting certain energies into your home

It encourages those who live behind that door to live with an open magickal mindAs the front door is a powerful symbol of your ability to allow beautiful energy and all good things to flow into your home

It’s a threshold between you and the outside world

Some of us don’t use their front door it’s almost never opened but rather a side door or back door is used as entry into the home which can cause your home not to flow it will become stale and stagnant

If that is your case then just open your front door at least once a week stand in the doorway and let all that good abundance flow into your house

Become the person who is radiantly beautiful and magick will follow you through the front door

With a Sparkling and Vibrant appearanceFancyPentagramBar…I knocked on the door

No one answered perhaps no one was home

I turned the doorknob but it was locked and I did not possess a key

Of course I had a right to enter yet I found myself standing outside a locked door without a key

Without anyone willing to let me in

So I knocked again and again…

This time I knocked a bit harder and much louder as I began to pound on that door thinking no one could hear me

Then I heard something

It was a voice that told me to choose wisely between which door I wanted to open and enter intoDreams Or Reality-1It was my choice ❤


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