MAGICK FOR L❤VE0sgkm8m-cool-heart-wallpapers_1The winter fire is a symbol for passion and heat

L❤VE SPELLS performed before a Winter Fire are especially powerful

Here are a few of my favorite spells


2 pine cones
a length of red yarn
1 blazing fire

With the yarn tie the 2 pine cones together as you think of romance coming into your life

As you tie them together say:

fire fire warmth of the sun
fire fire bring me that special one

Toss the 2 pine cones into the fire

Watch them burn as you gaze into the flames

Look deep into the fire for any pictures or signs it may give you as to who the spell could bring into your lifedividerbittersweetLOVE SCENT SPELL

For this spell we will use 3 warm love attracting scents


And 1 wintery scent candle such as

Pumpkin Spice

Grate down the clove cinnamon and orange peel then in an envelope mix a pinch of each of the clove cinnamon and grated orange peel

Do not seal the envelope

Light the candle

Look into the flame

Hold the envelope in front of you and say:

candle flame hear what I say
candle light clear my way
candle fire bring love my way

Now seal the envelope

Think about the qualities you would like in a romantic partner

Let the candle burn out

Put the sealed envelope in a secret place

In one lunar month cast the envelope into a ritual fire to keep the spell workingdividerbittersweetWINTER INCENSE

To keep your love hot with passion


2 parts frankincense
2 parts pine needles
1 part cedar
1 part juniper berries

Toss this mix into a ritual fire or into your logs that burn in the fireplace at home


Smolder this incense mix during winter months so that your loving relationship stays happy attuned with the forces of nature amid the cold bitter days and nightsdividerbittersweetJust because things didn’t go perfectly in the past doesn’t mean they never will

I have been rejected and disappointed by past relationships but that doesn’t mean it will always be that way with every new relationship I enter into to

We suffer failures
We suffer bad luck

We are the masters of our own fate

We can calm our own fears
We can clear our own minds

We can today start thinking about solutions and not the problem itself

…and make room for what we love and what we need…❤

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