dark_occult_satanic_bible_fantasy_book_satan_evil_1920x1442with silence I create magick from a place I remember

only in this silence can I meet my true self

strength gathers from what I have written

knowledge is invited into my work

inspiration moves my darkest emotions

as wisdom keeps me in touch with what is real

only to find myself bound by the complicated world that spins around me

so I turn the page to read the untold secrets that tap into my creativity

the moon moves the fire lights my way I craft a curse upon these pages

magick grows within this book

but it is still a mystery to me how this happens…❤


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6 Responses to MAGICK GROWS…

  1. Reblogged this on ' Ace Friends News ' and commented:
    Fabulous post darling it’s so full of you deep, dark and with that soft centre ♥️ loveliness just like a book of life should be … Hugs xoxo 🎄

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