The magic and wonder came first….


Fireside Witch


When I was a kid, our everyday life, when my ‘father’ was around (yes, he was my actual father, but I believe you earn that title, hence the quotes (:), our lives were filled with anxiety and tension. We never knew when he would Jekyll and Hyde on us and our home would be filled with violence and hatred. It was exceptionally rare for you to find a photo, a ‘family’ photo, where I was smiling. When he wasn’t around, my mom tried, so hard. And between her and her family, I was able to understand what support, love and hope should be.  But it was not a constant presence, I had to do my part to hold on to that hope.  It was like I lived in the dark half of the year, but I never gave up faith that there would be a day when the light in…

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