vtbwp1t-sunlight-wallpapers HOW TO HEX THOSE ON YOUR NAUGHTY LIST

WITCH BOTTLEWitch BottleBinding someone is not exactly a curse but the aim to prevent a person from doing further harm to you

We do have a right to defend ourselves our families and our home against those who want to cause us harm

…and that’s where magick can play a role in your life

It is best to settle your differences in a non magick way through negotiations but if talking some common sense into the person fails well then other methods are available to you…if you choose to take that risk!The finished article (not for the queazy but if you find this repulsive then the craft probably isn't for you in the first place!!Witch Bottles are a way of protecting your space whether it be at home or at work or any other place you need protection

Through the curiosity that all negative things have within itself the Witch Bottle and what is contained inside it attracts the negativity to trap it inside the bottle

Inside the Witch Bottle and perhaps one of the difficult steps to accomplish is obtaining items that belong to your target

Such as a lock of hair ~ nail clippings ~ a piece of their clothing ~ photograph etc

Also in the bottle

Adding Liquids such as

Used For
Keeping bad luck away

First light a candle…

Fill the bottle with various objects of magickal potency write down the name of your enemy on a piece of parchment paper and tie it up tightly with red thread and place all that in the Witch Bottle

Then pour in the intention of your will as well as your chosen liquid 3/4 full in the bottle

Concentrate all your energy create that energy and empower it for that specific magick purpose

Lid the vessel and seal it with the wax drippings from the candle you lit earlier Beautifully sealed witch's bottles.Witch Bottles some are buried under your front porch ~ buried in a planter pot by the front door of your home or business ~ or just place on a window sill or a shelf


YES…the holidays would be far from complete without homemaking a Poppet

Which is a small doll that represents the person/target you want to leave you alone

Once the Poppet has been made things like pins and needles can be stuck into the doll usually in an area in which you the curser would like your target to be afflictedVoodoo Doll-1Also in areas you want to cure like headaches or ailing bones joints and other body parts to bind the pain away or contain it

Poppets are a popular form of magick in which the Poppet is depicted bound and constrained in someway

His hat shall never fit him again
Her shoes should pinch her feet
Their words will hurt me no more

We work from traditions handed down through the generations of family and friends as well as working within modern traditions

You need to be able to work magically in a balanced way working with both hands and both sides of the brain

If you can’t curse you can’t heal

Do it yourself be creative and give it your own special original approach

Only you know what you want to accomplish

As cursing and hexing as well as healing and blessing are all a normal part of magickal practiceVoodoo DollWell…what would you expect of me I sometimes find being good all the time a bit boring so it was only a matter of time before I was back on Santa’s naughty list…bad santa-1HAPPY HOLIDAYS

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