SpellWorking supplies such as candles ~ salt ~ spellbook ~ pentacle etc must be inside the Ritual Circle area before the circle is drawn

Once the Circle is Cast it becomes sealed and it is never wise to cross over the boundary until the Ritual or SpellWork is finished

Cast the Circle with strong concentration ~ visualization ~ focus of your inner energy

Draw the Circle with Salt or create the Circle with the tip of a Dagger or Sword using your dominant hand the hand that you write with and draw in the earth a visible circle

Begin at the East clockwise to cover the Ritual area usually but not only limited to a 9 foot circumference

The Circle can be larger if need be

Finish by overlapping the ends of the line in the East

And it does not need to be perfectly round

But rather focus on seeing a boundary line of a silver blue flame

Set up inside the boundary line the candles or symbols of want you want to accomplish

When you are finished with your SpellWork cut the Circle with a backwards or reverse movement at the East

It will be the place to exit as well as the place to enter

Sweep any evidence away…Black Cat-27Cats however have a very unusual ability of being able to cross the Circle without disturbing the power flow in which no one has an explanation for…it just is!


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5 Responses to MAGICK CIRCLE

  1. chris jensen says:

    Like i always ask, “cat or witch?”

    More secrets darling?

    Within those mystic circles,
    a hidden lov,
    i have for you!


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