wishes-jarThe Angels hover close to Earth during these periods of the Dark Moon and New Moon to give us guidance through what we cannot see

Listen…to your intuitive feelings with an open and innocent mind so that you can recognize what truly makes you happy and help yourself to bring that happiness your way

Yes we must do our part to make our wishes come true!dividerbittersweetOn the night of the New Moon take out your Journal and write down all of your Wishes

Start with dating your Wishes

Be as specific as you can

The wording of your Wishes are very important they must be clearly stated so that the feeling behind each Wish comes through the words

If after you have written a Wish it feels right to you and evokes feelings of harmony and happiness your Wish is on target

But if it doesn’t feel right you feel troubled or uncertain it would be best to erase that Wish until a different time

After writing each Wish down check to see how you feel inside pay attention to your inner feelings and trust themdividerbittersweetRead your Wishes out loud to yourself release upon those pages your sacred fire you hold inside yourself and trust in it coming into your life

All Wishes when made must be repeated over and over again in an extended period of time will come true unless a Wish you made is in direct conflict with your destiny

If you Wish and Wish and Wish and your Wish does not come true and you don’t actually even see yourself to be edging in the right direction of that Wish then you must contemplate if it’s the right thing for you

After the New Moon Night of Wishes get on with your week safe in the knowledge that you’ve expressed your Wishes to the Universe and you will do all you can to make them come true

Remember to repeat your Wishes to yourself whether aloud or in your head

Those Wishes will be at the forefront of your mindheart-wishes_1Keep repeating the Wishes on your list until they begin coming true

At the next New Moon take out your Journal look at your Wish list from the previous month read it over to see which have come true ❤

…it’s just an ordinary day so never ever stop Wishing…


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