girl_dasha_bath_2560x1600ORGANIC SOAP and SALT

We should start this New Year of 2017 off on the right foot with removing all negativity that had entered your being from the past year

There is absolutely no good reason to drag all that misfortune along with you to just take you down before you give yourself time to stand up tall and firm

Do you…

Hear strange whispering voices

See shadows

Feel of dread looming

Think something bad is coming

Perhaps you feel nauseated




Feel negative energy swirling around you

If you answered yes to any of these then it’s time to cleanse it away during this Month of January 2017

JINX: is a little incantation that is meant to bring a person bad luck

A Jinx takes effect at once as soon as the Jinx is cast upon you

It does its thing then it’s over

How a Jinx works it is instilled into your subconscious brain

Someone will say something to you to plant the seed until the event has come into full prophecy

Something is said to you that gets stuck in your subconscious mind and won’t leave

Then you keep thinking about it that in turn makes it happenFancyPentagramBarHEX: is a bit stronger than a Jinx

It works by creating an energy that attaches itself to the victims aura

A Hex will find you and cling itself to you

Once it has been fulfilled it goes away forever

You can have a Hex cast upon you through the weight of a Witch’s stare ~ from a Spell of Words against you ~ a personal item that belonged to you that the Witch got a hold of such as a lock of hair a piece of your clothing or a finger nail etc

Either way…you shall be Bewitched!FancyPentagramBarCURSE: the strongest of all 3 because a Curse attaches itself to the blood of the victim

A Curse usually lasts a very long time even though some Curses can last for a short amount of time according to what the Curser desires

The Curse is designed to effect not only the blood of the victim but anyone who follows in the bloodline will also succumb to the Curse as well

A Curse can only be cast on you by the one casting the Curse is able to obtain even so much as one single drop of your bloodFancyPentagramBarCLEANSE OFF THE NEGATIVITY

Draw a hot bath the water as hot as you can possibly take to bathe in

Take 3 cups of salt

As the tub is filling up pour the salt a bit at a time into the water in a deosil rotation

Once that is done light 9 white candles around the room and allow the salt to completely dissolve

Add 3 sprigs fresh rosemary that can very easily be found in your local grocery store in the produce department

With all electric lights phones tvs off

Peace and Quiet surrounds you soak in the hot tubs salt water for at least 19 minutes by hourglass

While you’re in the tub scrub your skin with a good organic soap and scrub well remove it all from yourself

Afterwards dry off and rub some Aloe on your fresh positive cleansed skin

It’s a very good habit to get into to give yourself a healthy salt water bath once a month

It’s actually not a bad idea to add it to your New Year’s Resolution

As we should at the beginning of the New Year add to our lives rather than subtractbath_dog_1920x1080



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