Featured Image -- 56971I don’t really know where my world is going but that’s ok

I thought I might tell this story as I stayed up till dawn watching as the stars froze in the sky then gently fell to Earth

Showering me with this powerful force of ageless knowledge that I could sense twinkling wild through the air all around me

I live with no expectations of what should come my way of what I think I deserve to have so therefore I will experience no disappointments

Now that gives me a reason to smile…

The laughter that is the sunshine that lights my darkest days as the world I live in changes the way I smile from day to day

My cheeks still blush with color

My lips still whisper to the moon

And every now and then I plant a seed in my soul and watch it grow by the warmth of the sunGothSo this year I will stand a little taller and learn how to trust in my instincts a little better all the while I will continue to keep my standards high

And for heaven’s sake I won’t be afraid to give myself everything I have ever wanted in life

I’ve learned you can keep going long after you think you can’t

There is a Cinderella living inside of me just waiting to be born

A half finished bottle of cognac sits quietly on the table rich in curiosity

Stirring around is a new day as last night’s flames are quenched by daylight

I’m feeling quite rich today just counting all the gifts I have that money could never buy ❤


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10 Responses to CINDERELLA

  1. Kosmogonic says:

    I love this! Thank you

  2. desertmoon62 says:

    I kinda love this!!!

  3. Senatssekretär Freistaat Danzig says:

    Reblogged this on behindertvertriebentessarzblog.

  4. Reblogged this on ' Ace Friends News ' and commented:
    Jinx X Beautiful words from a Beautiful lady with a Beautiful ♥️Ian X

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