Spell for Reconciling a Broken Family/Friend Relationship


Sabbats and Sabbaths


I have come across lots of spells to help strengthen the relationship between lovers, but have never come across one to help repair the other loving relationships in our lives. This one came to me in a moment of absolute clarity as I sought to add some healing energy to repair a broken relationship with an in-law. Hopefully it will be of use to you as well.

Two pink spell candles with holders
Healing anointing oil
A piece of white ribbon
Name papers

Assemble everything before casting the circle. When ready to the the ritual, anoint the candles with healing oil. Write the name of each person involved in the situation and place them under the candles.  Repeat the following chant as you move the two candles on your altar closer and closer:

“That which is separate must now come together.”

When the bases of the two candles touch, tie…

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