snowballs_1920x1200MIND GAMES

A Winter Storm has blown in from the North East leaving behind a cloak of snow

The Sky is still dark feeling the rush of the Storm as flurries become drifts

Rising is the Ocean Waters unbound and loose to go where it chooses

Tireless is the Charming Wind it picks up and there’s a change in the air

I sit on the sideline waiting for the Witching Hour to begin!dividerbittersweetThink of a large empty Snow Globe that you are going to fill with your greatest desire

Close your eyes

Dust off your thoughts

…and feel that desire

Surrender yourself to the atmosphere

Let your hidden desire come out of its hiding place deep within your soul

It will lure you into the mysteries of your life so with your eyes still closed feel your way through

When you get there…let go ❤

Pour all of that…everything you have about your desire into the Snow Globe

Pour yourself and your feelings about that desire


Of your desire and contain it in that Ball of Energy known as a Snow GlobedividerbittersweetKeep going till you feel you got it all out of you and into the Snow Globe

Be careful not to spill any of it

And keep those thoughts of your desire swirling around in your mind

Let the snow flurries blanket your dream

Raising the wind at your very pleasure

Your mind…the best tool you have!


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5 Responses to SNOW GLOBE

  1. chris jensen says:

    Darling more secrets…

    The fear of the human mind, reach far within the very cold darkness of space!

    hugs chris

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