…my today

nature_landscapes_trees_forests_winter_snow_seasons_sun_sunlight_sunrise_sunset_cold_2880x1800Today I’m going to take a step back from the everyday life of mine

My journey will travel me to this cool place that lies between the stars and the open space of freedom

Each moment of today will be filled with a bit of magick that I will create on my own and for myself

Yes…my today will be all for me

A heart to engage a wish
A soul to enter a blessing
A touch to channel love

Footprints that walk outside in the chilly air yet to be discovered

A force within me just waiting to be released

My secrets lie inside me like the fresh innocent falling snow that has not been touched by a single hand

Magick lives in my bones
Belief found a home in my mind
Tradition was born in my blood

This is the sweetness of my life

A place where sensuality and wonder collide ❤Follow Yr Dreams


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4 Responses to …my today

  1. Your individuality unleashed. Bravo!

  2. DK1WAY says:

    “The tradition was in my blood.”

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