VIRGIN SNOWGOTHIC_goth_style_goth_loli_women_girl_winter_snow_mood_witch______f_2560x1600As the virgin snow falls from the sky untouched unwalked upon fill a bowl with the fresh falling snow bring the full of snow bowl in the house into the kitchen ~ sit the bowl down in the kitchen sink to melt ~ once melted from snow to water pour it into a clear glass bottle lid it tightly and use it for your SpellWork

SNOW WHITE MAGICKwinter_snow_witch_ocult_dark_flakes_snowflake_babe_look_mood_1920x12001 shot glass of fresh snow
1 sprig fresh rosemary
3 vanilla incense sticks
3 tea lights

light the incense
light the tea lights

place the shot glass of snow next to the tea lights

place the sprig of fresh rosemary next to the burning incense

it is all as pure and innocent as the driven snow

write for yourself words to bring into your soul a fresh pure beginning no matter where you have been in the past

the freshness and purity will help to guide you onto the path of truth

once the shot glass of snow has melted down to the pure elixir of the sky drink it down

allow the incense and tea lights to burn themselves out

carry the fresh sprig of rosemary for 3 days and 3 nights with you everywhere you go

after the 3rd night wrap the sprig in a pure white clean cloth and place it in a draw in your bedroom

QUIET1935204_963051213774783_5380444313121686273_nmagickal creatures need some time of solitude ~ bring your spirituality and your reverence for the winter part of nature together ~ surrender in your dreams by reaching deep into your heart ~ experience a part of yourself by combining your soul and your mind to create harmony ~ bringing these 2 halves together is a union which creates a whole within yourself to bring you a step closer to the Divine ~ begin to feel an incredible bolt of energy flow

CURSED BY THE WITCHDarkness In Methe cold demons are her kin the chilly shadows do her bidding and cursing is as olde as humanity ~ her left hand hides her sinister craft ~ she is the torrent of a violent snow storm the very poison you should never let pass your lips the temptation for things that you cannot resist ~ never underestimate her power of intention it’s her will that drives her as she opens the gates of the UnderWorld and unleashes the curses of hell upon those who dare her

ENCHANTED FORESTGothic Girlit can be a scary road to those who don’t know their way about the forest ~ in a place where both magick and danger lives with enchanted animals and magickal spells a place where strange things just might occur ~ you could get a glimpse of some monsters witches or even the faeries who live there ~ explore the powerful magick of the trees in winter wander through deep into the Enchanted Forest ~ follow the birds that live there they will guide the travelers to places unknown ~ look around you to all the treasures at your fingertips

grab a few pine cones to increase your prosperity

pine needles called the sweetest of the woods to remove negativity

gather twigs that have fallen off the trees that lie upon the ground to make magickal symbols to decorate your home and bring protection into it

a basket of acorns to bring abundance to your kitchen

collect 3 red holly berries for spells of sexuality or beauty

and of course stones or pebbles you stumble across in your adventure for some future purpose

…and don’t forget to breathe in all that enchanted air let it circulate through your bloodstream caress your body and leave behind some very desirable enchanted thoughts in your mind

then in the thick of the Enchanted Forest you will see it the sunlight follow it to safe passage out!

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7 Responses to WITCHES of WINTER

  1. I do so enjoy when you post. Beautiful!!

  2. Reblogged this on ' Ace Friends News ' and commented:
    Fabulous post Jinx X and perfect for the snowy day in the UK our first fall last night hope your in front of a 🔥 and lovely and cosy not out in the ☃ keep well and lots of warm hugs Ian X

  3. anniecunni says:

    Who is the person in your top picture with the long black hair. I am sure I have seen a painting of her?

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