Hoodoo Honey Jar Spell


Triple Moon Alchemy

20161231_115238-1To sweeten someone or something to you. Hoodoo folk magick tradition. Basically the honey jar spell is about favor. To draw to you the favor of a situation, person, place, or thing. Think of the phrase, “ that boy is sweet on you girl.” When you read that, what image does that conjure? Do you think of a boy that has a crush on a girl? How does he act toward her if he is “sweet” on her? How does she act toward him knowing that she also is sweet on him? This is in essence what a honey jar spell is all about. Of course, the honey jar spell needn’t be only deployed when we want to win the romantic affection of someone. In fact, you can craft with a honey jar to sweeten anything or anyone to you. A court petition, a divorce settlement, money magick etc.


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